If you would like to have a book reviewed, please submit a letter of interest using the form on the contact page.  For new and unpublished work, we will make arrangements to obtain your manuscript.  For work already published, we will expect you to provide a copy.

The Conscience of a Conservative, by Barry Goldwater.

Originally published in the early 1960 by then Governor Goldwater, this brief book is the bible of conservative thinking.  In it, Gov. Goldwater clearly and succinctly presents not just the conservative ideal, but the logical and intellectual basis for the ideal.  It is a must-read, easy to understand primer on what it means to be a Constitutional American Conservative.  It has been reprinted many times with forwards by others.

Dragonfly, by Sebastian Roberts

Dragonfly is the fictional story of President Elect Madison Thompson and his running mate, Janice Edmonds.  In it, Sebastian takes the reader through the transition period from the existing administration to one in which there is but one directive: to restore the Constitution.  The story line is both educational and entertaining, imparting the reader with a deeper understanding of the intended function of the Constitution before it became corrupted by accidents of history.